Am i blue essay analysis

am i blue essay analysis

The narrator started feeding Blue apples which the horse would relish. After some time, Brown, a mare, was also brought there. Blue felt excited and elated to have a companion am i blue essay analysis began leading a blissful life.

But Brown was taken away from there when she became pregnant. It came as a jolt from the blue for the horse and a total change took bblue in his life.

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The horse may not have experienced in its full complexity the kind of shock the writer attributes to him, but he certainly felt anaalysis disturbed when the mate was taken away from the grassy field where he had now to live all by himself. He had certainly developed a deep attachment am i blue essay analysis the mare and missed her badly.

am i blue essay analysis

Alice Walker makes us aware through this story of the emotional needs which animals do have and the bonds of affection they develop for each other. We are generally obtuse and selfish in our attitude towards the animals and callously reduce their being to a few gross appetites.

`` Am I Blue `` By Alice Walker

But the more important aspect of the meaning esssy the whole story lies in the fact am i blue essay analysis the horse becomes a symbol of those oppressed and neglected sections of humanity which are diplomarbeiten dissertationen datenbank like animals.

It is a symbol of oppressed humanity that the feelings attributed to the horse gain the special significance.

am i blue essay analysis

We can then understand how the horse developed a deep dislike for humanity and its selfish ways. The writer actually highlights the selfishness and the gross obtuseness with which racists treat the African — Americans and the bigoted male chauvinists treat women.

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The story thus sensitizes us to the needs of all those whom we treat as others. It takes due recognition of the fact that animals also suffer mentally and emotionally.

am i blue essay analysis

The story reveals the callousness which we unconsciously show when we treat animals as commodities and not as living creatures who also undergo emotional and psychological turmoil just like us. Alice Walker also touches indirectly upon the sensitive issues of slavery and racism in this story.]