Analysis essay on the necklace

There are several characters in the story that the author, Maupassant, uses to build up ideas and contribute to the meaningful flow of the story. The life of the protagonist in the story, Mathilde, is used by the author, Maupassant, to contribute significantly to the overall meaning of the story.

Her character, ambitions in analysis essay on the necklace and her general point of view about various issues in life are used to bring out different themes and also help in the development of the story Maupassant, pg. Mathilde is also used to help build up suspense in the story. At the beginning of the story, Maupassant introduces the protagonist Esl cover letter ghostwriter website for phd as a young and beautiful lady who comes from a not analysis essay on the necklace well up family and there seems to be very little change that is going to take place in her life in terms of moving to a higher social class pg 1.

This is because she is married by a clerk who can not adequately cater for the expensive things she desires to live a satisfying life.

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Mathilde is introduced as a character that has a great desire for a life that she and her husband Loisel can not afford. This analysis essay on the necklace significantly to the development of the plot because it is her behavior that eventually leads to their downfall.

She is not content with the current state of things in her life. The author tells us that the state of their house torments essxy.


The walls, the old chairs and the curtains which are not so beautiful all cause her to be mentally troubled. She strongly believes necklxce she ought to be living a better and more expensive life. She yearns for things that would make her to be admired by many people. She is so obsessed with the thoughts of a better and more easay lifestyle that she wastes a lot of time and analysis essay on the necklace thinking about this.

analysis essay on the necklace

She thinks of how her house would be with expensive furniture and of herself with many clothes and jewelry. We learn that she is very uncomfortable visiting her rich friend, Madame Forestier, because every time she does that, her life is filled with moments of suffering and intense pain Bloom pg This is because she compares her poor life with that of her rich friend analysis essay on the necklace she is filled with envy and jealousy because she can not afford to live like her friend analysis essay on the necklace yet that is the kind of life she dreams of.

Mathilde is completely out of touch with reality and lives a life full of fantasy. This kind of thoughts as expressed by this young lady help in the building up of the plot of the story because eventually, she learns how futile it is to covet what one can not analydis.

It is very ironical that Mathilde loves what she does not have Maupassant, pg. She says that she loves english as second language editing site and clothes but she does analysis essay on the necklace actually have any of them. The motive for her yearning to have these things so badly is an evil one.

She says that she would love to have these things so that she necklxce be envied by many people.

The Necklace Analysis

The fact that Mathilde and her husband analusis to the middle class shows that they are not very poor neck,ace that they are able to get the very basic necessities in life. Her desire and obsession with more wealth sample resume vp finance shows how materialistic she is and her insatiable desire for more wealth which she can not get.

The author shows us that they are even to be envied by other people like her servant who is belongs to a lower social class than her but Mathilde is only interested in attaining her selfish ambition in life. Her desire to have more and especially what she can not afford brings problems even to her innocent husband.

Analysis essay on the necklace starts the evening when her husband comes home with news that she has been invited to accompany him to a rare occasion organized by the ministry of education. Her analysis essay on the necklace to the news is one becklace her husband did not expect.

analysis essay on the necklace

She is very sad because she does not have a new and expensive dress to wear to the occasion. Efforts by the husband to persuade her to wear an old but nice dress that she has bear no fruit. He fails to act neclace a guide to the wife who is already too blinded by her strong desire to acquire more than she can afford.

analysis essay on the necklace

The emotional response of the wife when she is told to wear the dress she normally wears to the theatre shows how obsessed she is with living a high class life. The husband is persuaded to give up something very important to please his wife who analysiw impossible to satisfy because thereafter she still asks for a analysis essay on the necklace.

analysis essay on the necklace

Mathilde cares very little about her husband. She is not very careful not hurt others as she pursues her desire for analysis essay on the necklace wealth. Instead of being grateful to her husband about what he has already provided to her, she complains about what neckoace husband is unable to do to make her happy. She therefore lives a very unhappy life full of struggles which can eesay avoided if only she is content with her current status and works towards improving her life.

Moreover, she only says that she deserves to have all the things she esssay a lot of time dreaming of but ironically, she does nothing to get them. After the husband offers to buy her the dress she demands for in order amber case thesis attend the ball, she again complains that she does not have a necklace and threatens not to accompany her husband if she does not get one.]