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By the end of book rating website, you will know where to go when you need detailed and unbiased reviews of non-fiction books. It indeed focuses on non-fiction books. Specifically, for the types of books that will help you grow, learn, and move forward in life. Albeit some novels book rating website also fit in that category, most do not.

I make a stop on Amazon on almost every single book review I write. First raring all, because I get affiliate links from Amazon :.

book rating website

With book rating website I have learned the ins and outs of the system, and this is my opinion on Amazon as a ratihg review site:. The Secret is a book which tells you not to work on your dreams and goals.

book rating website

But The Secret is a best seller and it has sky-high rating. A solid, all seasons place to bookk book reviews from all sorts of readers.

Don't Forget Amazon!

Just keep in mind the shortcomings and the high number of fake reviews. Google Books wfbsite smaller than Amazon, but I found the book reviews to be slightly better and more objective.

book rating website

As an open, grassroots project, it has many of the same advantages and disadvantage of Amazon. Such as:. The idea is just awesome: you can write your own reviews, exchange opinion book rating website friends or simply just follow people you trust. I sent an email to Derek some time ago and I can attest that he really book rating website to all the emails he receives :.

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I love the honest book rating website and I am adding several titles from his list to my reading list. Good stuff! I find that we often websie on many books -with some due exceptions, including Sapiens :.

The book reviews page on this website is one of the biggest available on the Internet.

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In terms of quality, well, I might be biased here so I will not write much. You be the judge of that. Book rating website New York Times reviews read more like a book themselves than book reviews. You might like that, or you might not. There are many book review websites.

But book rating website are more for people who want to sit with a cup of coffe, a blanket on their feet and a cat book rating website. Best if with a cheap college biography topic nearby and with a fire during winter. As I explain in how to efficiently absorb knowledgeI often read reviews before I start reading the book.

It helps me prepare my mind for the information I am about to absorb, which makes my reading and my knowledge acquisition all the more efficient.

book rating website

To make your reading efficient, you should find book review websites that book rating website you clear and concise information. I especially look for reviews that highlight:. I need to trust the reviewer almost, and sometimes even more edit book, than the author of the book.

They all tend to be too flowery, long and unstructured.]