Character analysis of mice and men essay

They went to a farm to work for money. They are working in the s around the Great Depression charactsr they are trying to achieve the American Dream. John Steinbeck was effective in making Lennie seem sympathetic because he is so intelligent and he is also a very large person. One character trait Lennie has is he is.

Of Mice And Men Compare And Contrast Essay

Have you ever had a friend that took care of you, was patient with you, forgave you, and gave you the hope of a good life?

George character analysis of mice and men essay to take care of Lennie because Lennie did not have anyone else to rely on since his caregiver had died. Caracter mentions in the book that he could have a better life without.

character analysis of mice and men essay

Of Mice and Men Essay While it is obvious to the reader that Lennie has a mental disability because of his actions, it is never directly stated. However, when he kept the dead mouse when George had told him to get wood for the fire.

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Lennie was petting a dead mouse he had found over by the bushes. George realizes that Lennie was playing with something and told Esaay to throw it away.

character analysis of mice and men essay

Lennie refuses to because he still has a mind of a child because of his mental disability. But Lennie listens.

Of Mice and Men Essay

There were battered magazines and a few dirty books on a special shelf over his bunk. A pair of large gold rimmed spectacles hung from a nail on the wall above his bed. This quote frames a central theme in Of Mice and Men.]

character analysis of mice and men essay