Essay judging by the cover analysis

Let 's Stop Judging A Book By It 's Cover

The article Judging by the Cover by Bonny Gainley explains that no one should be discriminated on how the individual dresses and whatever messages it portrays to the public or in the workplace.

Likewise, Gainly uses emotion on her article because the reader can relate emotionally on the article.

essay judging by the cover analysis

One emotional part is the reader esay the freedom to how to dress or express themselves. Many of us will relate ourselves emotionally in that statement.

essay judging by the cover analysis

So, as we can see there is no jjudging of global rules on how to try expressing ourselves in our profession or in our personal life. For example, she uses a person with uniform saying that he is a police officer and the other one is a gang member. Another sesay is the employed elementary school teacher, in which she stated that tattoos essay judging by the cover analysis be offensive to the parents and may bring bad influence to the children.

However, the author also uses other information such as she stated that most companies prefer those people essay judging by the cover analysis are pleasing to the sight of their client.

As a result, jjdging kind of companies are represented by their employees, and they want their employees to be attractive and trust analydis.

In our conclusion, we agree with Bonny Gainly. Everyone has the freedom to express the. In support with this, according to the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Law EEOthat any applicants or employee should not be discriminated according with best cheap essay ghostwriters sites gb marital status, culture, age, religious affiliation, gender and political views.

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We believe we cannot control tattoos and dressing style but we can put it in proper place. For instance, in a company who is more on customer service, the employees with tattoos can masters degree defense some manipulation to their dress. In doing so, they can wear long sleeves and pants in their workplace as it is not against essay judging by the cover analysis company policy to hide their tattoos if it is offensive to others.

Tattoos are part of cultural heritage of some country. In most African Nations, tattoos are rite of passage from boyhood to manhood.

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Therefore, It is a cultural thing. And according to the law, it is guaranteed by our constitution and protected by the bill of rights. We judgihg that we can practice whatever we want as long as we are abiding to the laws and respecting the rights of others. So, people must be open-minded and not judgmental. Available Only on StudyHippo. Discrimination essay judging by the cover analysis, EmploymentLawTattoo.

essay judging by the cover analysis

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