Essays hamlet character analysis

Hamlet And The Characters Of Hamlet In Hamlet

Throughout the play Shakespeare presents the characterization of Analysia as a weak man who is bitter towards the women in his life. This is mainly due to his mother, Gertrude betraying Hamlets father soon after his death.

essays hamlet character analysis

Hamlet is disgusted in his mother's behaviour and as they were living in a patriarchal society this sort of behaviour was deemed unacceptable. Hamlet's frustration is not only directed towards the women around him but women kind as a whole.


At the beginning of the play Hamlet is distraught at the death of his father and his essays hamlet character analysis re-marriage to Chzracter, Hamlet's uncle. Women at the time were expected to be obedient and obtain an extended period of mourning, and Hamlets mother did not. Gertrude criticises Hamlet for his response to the situation because she has to make her own actions valid.

essays hamlet character analysis

King Claudius does not want Hamlet to grieve so much in case he wonders how his father died. Shakespeare shows the audience that Claudius has done as much wrong as Gertrude so that they question why Hamlet blames his mother and not Claudius.

essays hamlet character analysis

A key section in the play is Hamlet's soliloquy. This section is important as Hamlet is on stage by himself so the audience focus on him and what his true feelings are.

essays hamlet character analysis

Shakespeare makes Hamlet use such language to show the extent of his hatred for her and to portray to the audience Hamlet's madness. Hamlet is the product of a patriarchal society and therefore he idolises his father.

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In Employee wellness program thesis 1, scene 3 Laertes and Polonius try to tell Ophelia that Hamlet is not interested in her and that she is behaving inappropriately with regards to the way women are supposed to behave in a patriarchal society. Another key section in the play is Hamlet's response to the ghost of his father.

After the essaye leaves the pace on stage accelerates essays hamlet character analysis shows the audience Hamlet's increasing madness.]