How to write a readme

how to write a readme

To create a heading, add one to six symbols before your heading text. The number of you use will determine the size readm the heading. When you use two or more headings, GitHub automatically generates a table of contents which how to write a readme can access by clicking within the file header.

how to write a readme

Each heading title is listed in the table of contents and you can click a title to navigate to the selected section.

You can indicate emphasis with bold, italic, or strikethrough text in comment fields and.

how to write a readme

Tip: When viewing a conversation, you can automatically quote text in a comment by highlighting the wrute, then typing R. You can quote an entire comment how to write a readme clickingthen Quote reply. For more information about keyboard shortcuts, see " Keyboard shortcuts. You can call out code or a command within a sentence with single backticks. The text within the backticks will not be formatted.

For more information, see " Creating and highlighting code blocks.

How to Write a Good README – a Step by Step Guide

If you are wrlte editing code snippets and tables, you may benefit from enabling a fixed-width font in how to write a readme comment fields on GitHub. For more information, see " Enabling fixed-width fonts in the editor.

You can create an inline link by wrapping link text in brackets [ ]and how to write a readme wrapping the URL in parentheses. When you have text selected, you can paste a URL from your clipboard to automatically create a link from the selection.

For more information, see " Autolinked references and URLs. You can link directly to a section in a rendered file by hovering over reqdme section heading to expose the link:.]

how to write a readme