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Punctuation essxy sometimes interpunction is the use of spacing, conventional signs called punctuation marksand certain typographical devices as aids to the understanding and correct reading of written text, whether read silently or aloud.

rhetorical analysis essay writer websites gb

In written Englishpunctuation is vital to disambiguate the rhetorical analysis essay writer websites gb of sentences. For example: "woman, without her man, is nothing" emphasizing the importance of men to womenand "woman: without her, man is nothing" emphasizing the importance of women to men have very different meanings; as do "eats shoots and leaves" which help writing personal testimony the subject consumes plant growths and "eats, shoots, and leaves" which means qnalysis rhetorical analysis essay writer websites gb eats first, then fires a weapon, and then leaves the scene.

The rules of punctuation vary with language, locationregisterand time and are constantly evolving. Certain aspects of punctuation are stylistic and are thus the author 's or editor's choice, or tachygraphic shorthand language forms, such as those used in online chat and text messages. The first writing systems were either analyis or syllabic —for example, Chinese and Mayan script —which do not necessarily require punctuation, especially spacing.

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This rgetorical because the entire morpheme or word is typically clustered within a single rhetorical analysis essay writer websites gb, so spacing does not help as much to distinguish where one word ends and the other answers for math homework free Disambiguation and emphasis can easily be communicated without punctuation by employing a separate written form distinct from the spoken form of the language that uses slightly different phraseology.

Even today, written English differs subtly from spoken English because not all emphasis and disambiguation is possible to convey in print, even with punctuation. Ancient Chinese classical texts were transmitted without punctuation.

The earliest alphabetic writing — Phoenician, Hebrew, and others of the same family — had no capitalizationno spaces, no vowels see abjad and few punctuation marks.

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This worked as long as the subject matter was restricted to a limited range of topics for example, writing used for recording business transactions. Punctuation is historically an aid to reading aloud. The oldest known document using punctuation is the Mesha Stele 9th century BC. This employs points between the words and horizontal strokes between the sense section as rhetogical.

Most texts were still written teejay publishers level e homework scriptura continuathat is without any separation between words.

However, the Greeks were sporadically using punctuation marks consisting of vertically arranged dots—usually rhetorical analysis essay writer websites gb dicolon or three tricolon —in around the 5th century BC as an aid in the oral delivery of texts. Greek playwrights such as Euripides and Aristophanes used symbols to distinguish the ends of phrases in written drama : this essentially helped the play's cast to know rhetorical analysis essay writer websites gb to pause.

In addition, the Greeks used the paragraphos or gamma to mark the beginning analysid sentences, marginal diples to mark quotations, and a koronis to indicate the end of major sections.

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The Romans c. Also, texts were sometimes laid out per capitula rhetorical analysis essay writer websites gb, where every sentence had its own separate writsr. Diples were used, but by the late period these often degenerated into comma-shaped marks. On the page, punctuation performs its grammatical function, but in the mind of the reader it does more than that.

It tells the reader how to hum the tune. Lynn Truss, Eats, Shoots websitees Leaves. Punctuation developed dramatically when large numbers of copies of the Bible started to be produced. These were designed to be read aloud, so the copyists began to introduce a range of marks to aid the reader, including indentationvarious punctuation marks dipleparagraphossimplex rhetorical analysis essay writer websites gband an early version of initial capitals litterae notabiliores.

Jerome and his colleagues, who made a translation of the Bible into Latinthe Cheap school annotated bibliography ideas c. ADemployed a layout system based on established practices for analsyis the speeches of Demosthenes and Cicero.

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Under his layout per rhtorical et commata every sense-unit was indented and given its own line. This layout was solely used for biblical manuscripts during the 5th—9th centuries but was abandoned in favor of punctuation. In the 7th—8th centuries Irish and Anglo-Saxon scribes, whose native languages were not derived from Latinadded more visual cues to render texts more intelligible.

rhetorical analysis essay writer websites gb

Irish scribes introduced the practice of word separation. Most common were the punctusa comma-shaped mark, and a 7-shaped mark comma posituraoften used in combination.

rhetorical analysis essay writer websites gb

The same marks could be used in the margin to mark off quotations. In the late 8th century a different system emerged in France under the Carolingian dynasty. Originally indicating how the voice should be modulated when chanting the liturgythe positurae migrated into any text meant to rhegorical read aloud, and then to all manuscripts.]