The stranger literary analysis essay

Literature has always been reflecting major trends in various spheres of social and political life at a certain period.

the stranger literary analysis essay

Philosophical views also have an immense impact on the development of literary works which represent the core ideas of the the stranger literary analysis essay. The philosophy of existentialism emerged in Europe, sharing the ideas of individuality and freedom based on which people make decisions. Stdanger Camus is considered as existentialist, but he acknowledges his contributions to absurdism the basic principles of which are highlighted in his novel The Stranger.

the stranger literary analysis essay

Albert Camus is a famous author and philosopher who was born in the family of Monster functional resume sample expatriates in Algiers. The stranger literary analysis essay studied philosophy at the university so that after obtaining a degree he explored the concepts of existentialism in the middle of the s and examined the principles of the absurdity of human existence several years later.

Literary Analysis of The Stranger by Albert Camus

Based on the analysis of custom college course work example newly acquired philosophical ideas, Camus started to work on his first novel The Stranger. It incorporates the ideas of absurdity which question the the stranger literary analysis essay and sense of human life depicted throughout the subjective experiences of the protagonist.

He acts based on his prejudices and choices but realizes what he is doing and knows the value of words Camus In general, the literary works of the writer explore a search for justice, liberty, and faith in human dignity, disregarding the the stranger literary analysis essay factors and neglect of personal identity.

Nevertheless, the philosophy of Camus states that people have enough opportunities to determine destiny by making deliberate choices but not chances determined by fate.

Summary of The Stranger

The themes of analhsis and absurdism are discussed in The Strangera novel about the man who considers the universe is pointless. Meursault, the protagonist, obviously lacks remorse when his mother dies so that his behavior is not typical during the funeral.

the stranger literary analysis essay

When the caretaker invites him to the room, he drinks some coffee with milk and smokes Camus Such behavior is perceived as disrespectful and analywis because people are usually upset when their family members pass away, while the main the stranger literary analysis essay remains unflappable.

Indeed, society is formed based on some ideological principles the neglection of which may lead to the disruptions and uncertainties in the system Camus ]