War luigi pirandello literary analysis

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New Message Mibeesh Babu. An analysis of 'War' by Luigi Pirandello. War is a terrible organised attack for supremacy leaving someone debilitated and even pushing one party into some incurable destruction. Pirandello here taking an instance to speak against the implications of war.

war luigi pirandello literary analysis

Born in Sicily, Italy and spent his crucial time through the crucial events of World War first that took his both sons, he has a lot to tell about it, Yes indeed he has. As its a protest against against WW I, the story revolves around some people who are travelling war luigi pirandello literary analysis a train, exchanging their bitter stories regarding war.

Theme: Patriotism

Waiting for Salmona leading tracks to be cleared now they stationed in Fabriano. From that station there entered a woman, she had been mourning as she got into the train, followed by her husband, weak and uneasy.

war luigi pirandello literary analysis

They started conversing each other and it diverted into their bitter experience with the war they were into. The old man started sharing his broken story.

war luigi pirandello literary analysis

Their son had already been got the wire to volunteer for the war front so they literarry on their way to meet him. He cursed war as it was taking their son away from them.]