Business plan for a copy shop

This business plan outlines a two-store operation coy a full range of printing services and supplies. Following is a description of the ways in which the companies will employ extensive use of strategic, operational, and financial planning, as well as ways they intend to incorporate TQM methods into their businesses.

Executive Summary

Master Printer has been owned, all or in part, by Shawn Russell since Russell started Partners in to increase market share and penetrate the Theadora market. The firm lost a major contract in This experience caused the first major loss in eight years.

business plan for a copy shop

It is our goal to diversify the sales to the extent that we will never be dependent on one customer to that degree again. In addition, we will improve our efficiency and effectiveness through the implementation of Total Quality Management TQM. The two stores offer a full range of printing services businesss supplies.

business plan for a copy shop

We have the ability to operate as a "quick printer" when necessary. A full list of services is included in the Business Description section.

Get the Business Basics in Order

The market is divided into commercial taxable and nontaxable accounts. We are currently identifying the number of civil cover letter accounts. Our company will emphasize service, quality, price, and speed of service to compete in the market place.

The printing industry is growing at a rate of 8 to 11 percent a year. We estimate our market share to be how to do a research paper for kids Master and Partners have the ability to offer full-line printing services.

We will use a delivery service to get the products to our customers in the outlying areas and for customers who need rush service. This business plan makes extensive and exhaustive use of strategic, operational, and financial planning. An essential element of this plan is busineess installation of the TQM method. In addition to the few accounts listed business plan for a copy shop, we have approximately pla not listed i. Master Printer is a local business plan for a copy shop printing company that has recently expanded to Theadora, New Mexico.

business plan for a copy shop

Master was established in Grace, New Mexico in as a local newspaper printer, along with a job print shop. It was created z meet the printing needs of the local community. After a period of time, the job print shop was sold as a commercial print shop.

It was owned and operated as Grace Printing Company by Mrs. Dorothy Simmons. DuringMr. Master had a building erected at 52 James Street. This site remains the location of the present shop. Master Printer was operated by Mr.

Master until A few years after the death business plan for a copy shop Mr. Master, the shop again changed hands. It was sold to Mrs. Jane Appleton, who had been an employee of the company for 20 years. In JanuaryFro. Annie Reese became a junior partner. Master Printer operated under this popular critical thinking editing websites us partnership until it was dissolved in October of It was during this time business plan for a copy shop Shawn Russell became the sole proprietor of Master Printer.]