Concept of case study

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concept of case study

Case studies have become powerful business tools. But what is a case study? What are the benefits of creating one? Are there limitations to the format?

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Learn how to use a case study for business. Find out how cases analysis works in psychology and research. Case studies are research methodologies. They examine subjects, projects, or organizations to tell a story.

concept of case study

Numerous sectors use case analyses. The social sciences, social work, and psychology create studies regularly. Healthcare industries write reports on patients and xase.

Marketing case study exampleslike the one below, highlight the benefits of a business product.


Now that you know what a case study is, we explain how case reports are used in casee different industries. A business or marketing case study aims at showcasing a successful partnership. This can be between a brand and a client. There is a perception that case studies are used to advertise concept of case study brand. But effective caxe, like the one below, can show clients how a brand can support them.

Hubspot created a case study on a customer that successfully scaled its business.

Case Study Method

The report outlines the various Hubspot tools used to achieve these results. So, what is the purpose of a case study for businesses? There is a lot of competition in the concept of case study world.

Companies are run by people. They can be on the fence about which brand to work with. Business reports stand out aesthetically, as well.

concept of case study

They use brand colors and brand fonts. With the Venngage My Brand Kit feature, businesses can automatically apply their brand cobcept designs. A business case study, like the one below, acts as social proof. This helps customers decide between your brand and your competitors. We also concept of case study design tips and examples that will help you convert.]