Exit strategy business plan sample

Benefits of an exit strategy

This article is part of our Business Startup Guidea curated list of our articles that will get you sampe and running in no time! Many people start businesses with the goal of seeking acquisition.

exit strategy business plan sample

An exit strategy is how entrepreneurs founders and investors that have invested large sums of money in startup companies transfer ownership of their business to a third party. Common exit strategies include being acquired by another company, the sale of equity, or a management or employee buyout.

exit strategy business plan sample

For anyone seeking venture capital funding or angel investmenthaving a clear exit strategy is essential. Including your exit strategy in your business plan and in your pitch is especially important for startups that are asking for funding from exit strategy business plan sample investors or venture capitalists for funds to grow and scale. This list ext give you an idea of common types of exit strategies.

exit strategy business plan sample

The type of strategy you adopt will depend on what type of company you are and your financial and strategic goals. This happened when Google bought YouTube, seamlessly integrating exut video platform into their own search product. Now, when you google a topic, you will often notice that videos appear on your search result page.

On a exit strategy business plan sample scale, it might happen when a coffee chain decides to buy a bakery business so that they can add a line of pastries and tarts to their exit strategy business plan sample. An acquisition or merger can be an appropriate approach for businesses of all sizes, including ssample. And, if there are multiple companies interested in your product, you may be able to raise the businesss further or begin a bidding home work live Reasons an outside company might seek to acquire or merge with another company range from allowing them to break into a new market, to giving them a competitive edge, or a strong built-in customer base.

Why a Company Exit Strategy Is Necessary

Or they might be interested in eliminating you as a competitor from the current market. If you know that being acquired is your exit strategy right from the start, this gives you room to make yourself appear attractive to the companies who may be interested in purchasing you.

exit strategy business plan sample

That said, remember that those particular companies may decide not to purchase you or may never have been interested in doing so.]