Gcse chemistry coursework marble chips

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Year 11 Chemistry Rates of Reaction Coursework Planning How does changing the concentration of a substance effect the rate of reaction? Planning: This science coursework is an experiment, it will explore the rates of reactions, factors affecting the results and highlighting and explaining possible conclusions for any anomolies.

It involves measuring and recording results in experiments that we have done in lessons, and then analysing the results in this coursework. The criss cross book reports gcse chemistry coursework marble chips fairly simple but I will state the method and equipment we used to complete the exercise below.

gcse chemistry coursework marble chips

To ensure the test is fair, we must ensure the variables are kept the same throughout all the experiments. To ensure the test is as impartial as practicallity allows, I will ensure the temperature, acid concentration, surface area and timeing are all constant.

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This will ensure my results are as accurate as I can achieve. The experiment involves using hydrochloric acid acidic and marble chip alkali. We are going to put both reactants into a chonical flask and collect the gas that will be given off. This will allow us to see which reaction is faster with different strenghts of hydrochloric acid, and also lets us compare results and results dissertation sample realistic conclusions whilst we are doing each one.

A recent study shown gcse chemistry coursework marble chips most accidents in the lab occur whilst packing up.

gcse chemistry coursework marble chips

Also at this time people remove their goggles to pack up. This is especially dangerous as substances can get tipped into a sink and shoot back up into the face. To minimise the gcse chemistry coursework marble chips of injury I will ensure I wear googles from the begginning of the session until all the equiptment has marbls put away.

gcse chemistry coursework marble chips

Preliminary Work: Before I completed all my results, I couldn't get accsess to a gas syringe.]