Mushroom business plan

Executive Summary

Mushroom farming, which started many years ago, today is one of the most rapidly growing farming businesses. Mushrooms are fungi, that grow and live in organic material.

Growing mushroom business plan is also called fungi culture. The business of growing them is a mushroom farm.

Is mushroom farming easy?

The compound annual growth rate is projected at 9. Harvested mushrooms have a short shelf life, from days.

mushroom business plan

That may be why the highest growth rate is predicted to be in mushroom budiness forms, such as dried, frozen, canned, pickled and powdered.

Europe relies almost entirely on imports to mushroom business plan that food.

mushroom business plan

The cost to start mushroom growing of course can vary widely, depending mushroom business plan how big the operation is at the outset. The main cost is acquiring the right space — You need a building with a concrete floor where you can supply adequate ventilation and temperature control. By the third year, the profits nushroom double your business income.

mushroom business plan

Mushroom business plan blocks — These blocks are kits usually containing sawdust and grain, compressed into a block. The grain is inoculated with mushroom spawn. The blocks are each put in a plastic bag and put in a box.

Oyster Mushroom and its Demand

Oyster mushrooms are gourmet, and also widely popular. Up and coming is Maitake, also known as Hen of the Woods.

mushroom business plan

The size and proper maintenance of the compost pile mushroom business plan of utmost mushrooom for success. This can involve work that is extremely labor-intensive. For example, the pile can be turned by a piece of equipment, such as a tractor with a bucket.]