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Xena is a district science consultant in Alberta, Canada, where we both live, and previously taught kindergarten and grades three through six. When she started bringing her own classes outdoors, it required her to think differently.

Try Backward Planning. Support your students as they begin to consider the cognitive, affective, and perceptual perspectives of their peers within your classroom.

pay to write geography blog post

With time, widen the lens to consider multiple points of view across local, regional, and global scales. Finally, expand to include a multispecies perspective.

pay to write geography blog post

As we look back ontheir optimism and dedication make us hopeful about what lies ahead in education. Here are just 10 of the countless exploration-minded educators who made an impact on young people, their fellow educators, and the planet over the past year.

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Just Ask These 10 Trailblazing Educators. Now the Real Work Starts. While teaching about the civil rights movement must not be limited geograpuy a single day or month of the year, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day geobraphy provide educators an opportunity to dive deeper into the life and legacy of the reverend and activist. With the federal observance coming up on Monday, Jan. Through all the challenges, I found a way pay to write geography blog post prioritize the needs of my students, accepting them, their circumstances, and the emotional state in which they showed up each day.

pay to write geography blog post

Pay to write geography blog post, I met a humble poat who graciously gave the gift of his time to help me navigate through the rough sea of life. When virtual exploration is structured along inquiry-based lines, student curiosity becomes the driver, allowing for choice and interest to guide learning. These great resources will get you started teaching with virtual tours.]