Resources of business plan

resources of business plan

The next element of the Canvas that we will go resources of business plan is the Key Resources. When I ask entrepreneurs what resources they need, most of them say that they need money, resourcee capital as we call it in business jargon.

Financial Resources: Funding

However, they usually leave out other resources that are sometimes more important than capital. The resources are needed to create value for your customers.

resources of business plan

They are considered your assets and they are needed to sustain and support your business. These resources can be categorized into four main categories:. I will give you a concrete example. If resources of business plan produce hand bags, you will need to have: work space, machines to stitch, people buskness manage the machines, materials e.

resources of business plan

You may also need to protect your handbags and could for example build a strong brand that customers relate to you and your business. Before I developed resources of business plan business model canvas, I was unsure about what resources I would need the most to start my pumpkin business.

Vitaly Kuprenko

Step-by-step, I buskness to prepare a list of the resources that I would need and gradually I realized that custom dissertation writing website gb was more than initially resources of business plan. But I am so happy I did it since the list helped me keep my eyes open when I resources of business plan meetings with potential business partners that had better access to some of these resources that I had.

As raw materials I needed the pumpkins from my garden. I businezs growing them without major costs.

resources of business plan

I also needed sugar and spices to create juice, sauce, jam and wine.]