Vodka business plan


Creating a new vodka brand takes two sets of skills. One is the knowledge of how to make a good vodka from grain, potatoes or other source busines.

The other is the knowledge of marketing. With a vodka business plan marketing campaign, you may convince vodka lovers to vodka business plan your private-label spirits, but it's quality that will bring them back.

vodka business plan

To make vodka, distillers busineas vegetable matter such as potato, rye, wheat or grapes and ferment it to create the neutral spirits that are the basis for Absolut, Smirnoff and other vodka business plan. Making a new vodka brand requires either setting up your own distillery or outsourcing the work to an established distiller. This is a big choice, so think it through thoroughly.


Alcohol is one of the most tightly regulated products. Whatever your plans are, you should be certain they fit within the letter of the law. Research this before you shell vodka business plan any money. A distillery, for example, requires both federal and state permits to operate.

You'll also have to apply for the relevant federal permits.

vodka business plan

In a vodka business plan, competitive market, it takes more than quality to attract customers. It's essential that you put some thought into the image you're going to give your product, starting plxn the name.

Apply the same care to the rest of your brand details, such as the vodka business plan design and the label graphics. A custom-designed bottle isn't essential, but it can make your product stand out.]

vodka business plan