College admission essay examples harvard

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Names and identifying information have been changed, but all other details are preserved. Want to know your chances at Harvard? Calculate your chances for free! Prompt: Travel, living, or working experiences in your own or other communities.

college admission essay examples harvard

In positives of homework town of Montagu, South Africa, the sun had set hours ago, leaving its place to a deep dark sky.

Everything was peaceful and quiet. In a little lodge, a family of four people had just finished eating on a dimly lit terrace.

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The heat was so intense even the black silence seemed to suffocate — college admission essay examples harvard a few crickets dared to break its density. The mother asked something to her admissioh, who stood up, and bypassed the table.

An intense, long scream, that reverberated in the little town of Montagu.

college admission essay examples harvard

Me, miserable as I had fallen down the terrace… into a plantation of cacti! I felt as if each cactus thorn contained poison collegw spread through my back, my arms, my entire body.

college admission essay examples harvard

The plants were engulfing me into the darkness. I was suffocating, trying to grasp some of the hot, heavy air. Until I felt her hand.

Allison Tu

She and my father organized this trip to South Africa. Valuing experiences more than material wealth, they liked to organize trips to foreign, far admissiin countries.

Four countries that allowed me to discover numerous communities, recipes and traditions. Four countries where I met animals, plants and humans I had never seen before.

college admission essay examples harvard

I am a city girl. As a little girl, I was never really fond of flora or fauna. However, during my trips, I was lucky to see animals in freedom and to interact with nature.]