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As grades can vary significantly between high schools in different states and countries, college admission committees are relying more and more on essays to assess the applicant pool. Having had very little alone time on the trip——we had to stay in groups should we come across a bear——I was understandably very excited when our instructors announced that we would have over an hour college application essay engineering stare out at the landscape and reflect.

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We each found a nook in the hillside where we would be invisible from each college application essay engineering, leaving just myself and an expanse of untouched mountains. Being surrounded by such pure nature, it was impossible not to think about how this beautiful scenery came to be. My mind drifted to a dilemma I often wonder about: should I use a scientific or applicatoon lens to contemplate the workings and history of the world around me?

college application essay engineering

Being profoundly passionate about science and invested in Judaism, I am always thinking about how I can reconcile these two concepts in my life.

Science inspires in me a sense of curiosity that constantly has me asking questions about the things I experience. During that hour in Alaska, I watched the ground squirrels run and wondered how their bodies work to help them survive in the freezing winter. I focused on the college application essay engineering I was sitting on and thought about what processes must have taken place to shape the massive collection of rock and dirt that I saw that day, and how it might be different in a year.

The fundamental intention of science is to understand how we interact with the world and use that to college application essay engineering advantage, and I want to use science to help people. It gives me a unique sense of purpose, knowing that the more I inquire and learn about the world, the better my ability will be to improve the lives of others. Every time I read an article about college application essay engineering using science to help people, whether its a new type of prosthetic being invented or a new form of water treatment being developed, The sample of compare and contrast essay feel a spark of excitement knowing that in just a few short years College application essay engineering could be contributing to these amazing discoveries.

Despite this sense of agency I derive from science, it was difficult not to feel small when looking towards the horizon with nothing but towering mountains in sight. As a teenager going into my last year of high school, there are lots of unknowns for me——socially, academically, or otherwise. In my world of often irrational uncertainties, religion makes me feel secure.

Every time I get on an airplane or I take a test, I mutter a prayer for a safe flight or a good grade.

college application essay engineering

The belief that God is watching over me makes me lift my head a little higher, take important risks with less fear, and know essay I can make a difference appliccation my life and the lives of others. Science might dictate how I interact with nature, but it is Judaism that has taught me how to interact with people.

Growing college application essay engineering learning the moral and ethical principles of my religion, it is in the words of these lessons that I get the inspiration to go out and seek out problems in need of fixing. Through best assignment proofreading site for masters much reflection it college application essay engineering become clear to me that the intersection between science and religion is to help others.

college application essay engineering

While religion teaches me the idea of tikkun olam ——repairing the world——science provides me with the means to achieve this goal. This dilemma continues to change my perception of the world while college application essay engineering me into a better person.]