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This is a very extensive resume and the bcba coursework requirements covered all the bases no pun intended. They chose to include some medical information which is important for coaches to know and while that may scare some coaches away, the family has noted that Jack has college baseball resume missed a game in 3 years due to his condition.

They concluded by providing the full contact info for college baseball resume family, the high school, the high school coach, and the tournament select coach.

college baseball resume

There is one critical piece of information missing from college baseball resume resume and that is academic information. Jack was diagnosed with Dyslexia and while he has been taking regular high school courses, his best efforts have not produced a high GPA or SAT score.

college baseball resume

That was a family decision, but had they chosen to include it, college baseball resume information would have been neatly displayed similar to the rest of the resume.

Is this resume a little over the top? Perhaps, but the recruiting game is one that sometimes requires being over the top. In reality, a college coach is probably going to gloss over the stats yale essay topic focus on other important attributes in the resume that they crafted.

Gun readings: 92mph from the OF, 91mph from SS and up to 93mph college baseball resume the mound.

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Jack has been timed as low as 6. However, he is usually between 6. Although a natural Shortstop, Jack played Centerfield in and in HS and made one error in 58 games.

college baseball resume

He has excellent range and gets a good jump on the ball. He moved to Shortstop for the season and is playing very well.

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He has great lateral range and has college baseball resume good backhand. His throws to 1st are very hard and on-target. Jack takes thousands of cuts and hundreds of grounders each week. In addition to high school practice, he works out on a ball field right outside his back door almost daily. His forearms are rock-solid and have been for several years.]