Resume samples for college students for internship

Internships are very important if you are a student. They provide you with the opportunity to learn practically what you have learned theoretically at your university.

College Student Resume for Internship

Taking an internship is an investment in your future as you meet people from your field of study and get practical experience. Moreover, by taking this step, you are also paving a way to landing a outdoor sales executive resume sample job after you graduate.

You may conclude that finding an internship is very important for you as a samplez, so let us dive into the first thing you need to do to this end — making a resume.

resume samples for college students for internship

A resume is stduents in this situation as it represents the first impression your potential employer will have about you. In the following sections, you will first find several examples of resumes for internships in various fields of study.

Also, you may use our resume builder for an easier finish of this task.

resume samples for college students for internship

As its name suggests, it is a brief description of your skills and qualifications which make you suitable to do a certain job. Nevertheless, writing a good resume involves knowing some tricks which will help you show yourself as a serious and professional candidate for the internship of your choice.

College Student Resume Example

This is the place for some basic information about yourself. As you could see in the examples, there is no need for too much information. An employer needs to know your full name, email, address, phone number, and social media profile s.

resume samples for college students for internship

As you want to show that you are professional, you should write your full name without any nicknames given to you by your friends. The same goes for email addresses.

How to write an internship resume

You should use a permanent email mind that it is strongly advisable not to use temporary emails with your name and surname. Whether you will or will not add a photo depends on you.

resume samples for college students for internship

However, it is important if you choose to add it, that it is a businesslike shot. It should be taken without other people next to or behind you. It should be a headshot ideally, but never a full figure.

You should wear business clothes and smile lightly. Avoid informal photos.]