Sample resume for college interviews

First things first.

sample resume for college interviews

Remember that you are not your college resume. You are a human being, not a human doing. That section is your BEST place to share those details. However, some colleges offer the option of submitting a separate, more traditional style resume. Think PDF-style resume that you upload. In fact, for many colleges, you may not even have the opportunity to upload a traditional PDF resume.

So be sure to check with individual colleges to see what they prefer. However, keeping a professional resume on hand will serve you in a few other ways. Gives teachers and counselors a framework for intervirws letters of recommendation. Provides you with a list of sample resume for college interviews talking points for an admissions interview.

sample resume for college interviews

For this post, we use examples from this resume template —but feel free to use any of the others linked below. Choosing the right template sample resume for college interviews kind of like choosing the right outfit for an interview.

You want it to good student essays sharp and feel like you.

What should go on a college resume?

Well, when it comes to college resume templates, looks matter too. Think of the resume like your first impression.

sample resume for college interviews

Here are some things to consider when it comes to format and design. Choose a serif font.

1. Pick the Best College Resume Format

The opposite of a serif font is a sans-serif font, like Helvetica—no feet, see? A serif font looks a little more traditional and professional on a resume. Create a style for each level of information. Bold or capitalize headings.

Activities, Honors, Awards:

Make use of bullet points. The key here is consistency. Commit to one page. Respect white space. Keep a space between each section.

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Use this one. Ex: Times New Roman. Ex: Helvetica. Here are 5 things you need for your college resume:.]