Write college essay on brexit

write college essay on brexit

International relations are an integral part of any country foreign policy. These relations may have influence on the national development of political and economic fields. It should brexif mentioned, that the modern world is attracted by globalization. It means some countries are establishing more and more political and economic unions or institutions.

Sometimes union members can't meet their expectations and want to withdraw from such communities.

Brexit: causes and possible effects

The illustrative example is the desire wriet Great Britain to leave the European Union. This political aim of Great Britain is mainly called Brexit. The aim is supported by eurosceptics and the conservative opposition in Britain.

write college essay on brexit

The referendum proves readiness of British people to withdraw from the EU. As a essayy, political consequences show it clearly. The paper examines the consequences of the UK vote on 23 June to withdraw from the European Union. The subject of the research is essat notion "Brexit" in respect of modern international relations. The object of the paper is an analysis of Brexit causes and possible effects. It is necessary to cover the following tasks to achieve the paper write college essay on brexit.

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It means a withdrawal of Britain from the European Union that is a range of procedures to leave the European community. The withdrawal from the European Union is supported by 17 million British people. All of them expressed their will to leave write college essay on brexit EU.

These results were write college essay on brexit to make a life-changing decision. And along with this, the people of London and Scotland voted against the withdrawal of Great Britain from the European Union. But their votes were scarce. Nowadays the opponents of British withdrawal from the EU insist on the second round of voting taking dissertation testimonials view that the referendum needs to be held in accordance with the principles of the European Union.

The petition has more than three million supporters and it means the document will be debated in the British Parliament.

write college essay on brexit

Great Britain has always strived for the preservation of total independence write college essay on brexit economic and political issues. There is some evidence that proves it. For example, the unwillingness of Great Britain to join the EU major integration projects — euro zone, visa-free travel regime etc.

Essat Great Britain did not sign the European Budgetary Pact that regulated the coordinated tax and budget policy in European countries.

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In Great Britain refused from hosting refugees as a result collehe migration crisis in Europe. The country was only ready to receive refugees from Syrian camps directly.

write college essay on brexit

There is one more important thing that should be mentioned. The European currency did not replace pounds sterling. Despite such an isolation of the country, Great Britain is one of the most important write college essay on brexit contributors to the European Union.

Now it is about 11 milliard euros a year. A lot of the British reiterate the EU is very expensive for British tax payers. That is why Great Britain needs to withdraw from the European Rbexit. In early he took the initiative to hold a referendum on the withdrawal of Great Britain from the Easay Union.

According to the initiative of David Cameron, changes refer to four spheres: economy, competitiveness, business plan for financial services on intensification of British sovereignty and immigration.]