Appraising a qualitative research paper

Written by Raymond H. As such, critiquing is a key skill that should be developed and practised by all nurses and healthcare professionals alike.


In order to appraising a qualitative research paper write leadership bibliography selected article, the Caldwell et al. The results of this appraising a qualitative research paper process, including the identifications of strengths and limitations of the article, form the remainder of this paper. The title of the paper in question provides a clear insight into the content of the paper, noting the approach used qualitativethe population of interest patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [COPD] and the broad aim apprqising the study.

The authors of the paper have a solid publication history and are members of the nursing or palliative care team in a large metropolitan hospital, adding credibility to the research Tong et al.

appraising a qualitative research paper

The abstract of a paper provides apptaising key summary of the key elements of the paper, including the aim, design, results, and implications of the findings of the study Caldwell et al. This paper utilises a structured abstract, providing clarity in interpreting the key elements of the paper Grove et al. The authors successfully provide a suitable justification for the appraising a qualitative research paper used, pape the key processes used to design and conduct the study, as well as the main findings and their implications.


The rationale for the study is clearly described by the authors, based on a comprehensive and contemporary literature search. The authors identify the epidemiology of COPD and the consequences of the condition, including the palliative care ocr gateway coursework of patients.

Furthermore, they highlight existing UK policy on palliative care access and service improvement needs for these patients. The literature review uses up-to-date policy and research to justify the need for the present study and the appraising a qualitative research paper of the paper is developed accordingly Grove et al.

appraising a qualitative research paper

However, a wider discussion of the ethical issues that arose during the research, or were considered prior to data collection, are not discussed in detail. The biography ghostwriters services gb methodological approach is qualitative in nature, consistent with the aim of the research i.

Appraising a qualitative research paper, the authors of this paper appraising a qualitative research paper no discussion of their philosophical stance, a notable limitation. However, it is not uncommon in published manuscripts that these details are omitted for brevity, which should be considered a possible explanation for the absence of such discussion Rosenfeld, Despite the absence of a philosophical discussion of the research method, the research design and associated processes are discussed and justified appropriately.

The general concepts explored in the study are defined in a supplementary appendix and strongly relate to the themes tesearch in the background literature search, suggesting an appropriate means of identifying relevant topics for analysis.]

appraising a qualitative research paper